Date Posted : 2 years ago

The penetration of the cloud concept in the minds of users has been advancing steadily since 2007 and is slowly consolidating itself as an established delivery model in information technology (IT).

Despite the inflationary use of the term "cloud computing", the concrete definition and the ecosystem surrounding the cloud concept are still not understood uniformly. The present manuscript addresses these ambiguities and provides the relevant basics on the topic "Cloud".

After an introduction that motivates the topic, the term "cloud computing" is explained in concrete terms and differentiated from related concepts. 

Since Cloud Computing does not represent a technical revolution, but has developed evolutionarily, the historical steps up to the current concept are described and the technological basics are explained. The IT areas in which the cloud concept is integrated are particularly comprehensive. 

The document explains the three general service levels and the four delivery models in which various cloud services exist.  Two groups of actors are involved in cloud services, the service providers and their users. Along the different roles of these actors, the value creation of the cloud service is presented.

Finally, the cloud concept will be evaluated and an outlook on its future will be provided. keywords: cloud computing, virtualisation, cloud application fields, cloud players, cloud value creation, cloud evaluation