Date Posted : 2 years ago

According to recent surveys, cloud computing is one of the most discussed Topics in Information Technology (IT) (BITKOM, 2011). Gartner, one the world's leading research and consulting companies in the information technology, chose Cloud Computing in 2009, 2010 and 2010 and 2011 to the top and also for 2012 again to the top 10 of strategic technologies (Gartner, 2011). The analysts of techconsult also determine in their IT Cloud Index a continuous increase in the Expansion of cloud deployment (techconsult, 2012).

Cloud computing is a further development of classic web hosting. Through a network (a "cloud") of IT systems, cloud computing can be used in large storage capacities, computing power and applications in the shortest time for information processing. These services are subject to their costs effectively scalable. The customer does not have to purchase a minimum service.

but only pays for the services he/she has used, and only for the services he/she has (Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), 2012). he concept of Cloud Computing is still in the market diffusion phase.

phase and is a common problem in companies and especially in the population with tainted by the heat. The reasons for this uncertainty among the executives of IT departments, Experton Group gives the following reasons (Experton Group, 2010):

  • Lack of transparency in the cloud computing market
  • Strengths and weaknesses of the providers are unclear and cannot be compared
  • No differentiated positioning of cloud providers
  • Clear selection criteria are lacking and make it difficult to select providers

Nevertheless, the future trend of cloud computing is clearly visible. So forecast Analysts  the International  Data  Corporation  (IDC) (International Data Corporation (IDC), 2010) that in 2020 more than one third of digital information directly or indirectly with cloud services or cloud infrastructures are processed.

Based on these predictions, the need to deal with this new to take a closer look at technology. The following sections create a basis for a common understanding of Cloud Computing to promote its future application.