Date Posted : 2 years ago

The customer benefits from specialized providers like Fuyonet. In this report, we show you why this is so. There are different virtualization techniques. They all have their advantages and disadvantages.

But one thing is clear. It takes a lot of knowledge to deal with them. Not only the setup and operation of a cloud needs specialized experience from most areas of the hosting business. No end customer can handle an API that is indispensable for many enterprises. The big cloud providers offer a UI for the end customer. However, this can only provide the basic functionality that the customer needs. If the customer encounters problems, he is left alone. The support of large providers does not intervene. He sends links to howto's that the end customer does not understand. And when problems occur, the clock ticks.

Take a look at the API documentation for OpenStack, for example. OpenStack is probably the most used cloud software. It is open-source, free, and anyone can use it.

The small cloud service provider like Fuyonet has the knowledge to work with this API and scores with the support of its customers. It is not always the price that makes a provider interesting.